Library Stories: Feeling the Music


While a student at Runkle School, in the late 50’s, our music teacher, Ursula Feychek, inspired us with the love of music. One of the ways she had us really pay attention to a piece was to introduce the sound of an instrument and then have us listen to it within a composition. We also were challenged to identify these instrument sounds in other compositions. She would also encourage us to ‘feel’ the music and to create an internal ‘painting’ in our mind. Grand Canyon Suite was one she suggested for Ferde Grofe’s’ brilliant orchestration. I would sit, literally for hours, in the then music room at the Main Branch on Washington St. The turntables were situated with comfortable seats near them. Here was where I would listen for flute, piccolo, violin, celesta, cymbals, drum, piano, woodwinds & brass, and inventively coconut shells, etc. With my eyes closed I would be transported to a wonderful place vividly described by instrumentation. I feel blessed to have studied music with such a passionate teacher as Ms. Feychek and to be so privileged as to enjoy our wonderful library, then and now!!!

— Madeline Fine

Art and Music Room
Main Library




One thought on “Library Stories: Feeling the Music

  1. Madeline Fine remembers well. I, too, was in Miss Feychek’s class at the Runkle School and also have wonderful memories of the music room at the BPL om Washington Street. In fact, I have such fond memories, going back to age 5 when I was able to print my name on a registration card and obtain my first library card. About 20 years later, I received my Master of Library Science degree and I give Brookline’s small but fine library system credit for setting me off on my career. For those of you who read Madeline’s reminiscence and are wondering, I am pleased to report that Miss Feychek is living in Dayton, Ohio.


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