All 17 Pieces of Liz Nofziger’s Work On View NOW!

installed-neon-cropHere at the Brookline Village location of the Brookline Library, Liz Nofziger, our first Artist-in-Residence (AIR), has created a constellation of small ruptures in the norm, spread throughout the building, inside and out. There is great variety in the work, from sound pieces to beams of light, but all are tied together through color and site. The pieces are often unassuming or hidden, so keep your eyes and ears open and follow the red dots! There are printed self-guided tours in the main lobby waiting for you. The work will be installed through the new year so hurry in to catch it.
The grand finale of Liz Nofziger’s Library Study project is a discreet neon sign installed in the highest window on the School Street side of the library. The sign says “read”, glowing in Liz’s signature cranberry red. This word seems like a simple enough choice, even obvious hanging in the window of a library, but I encourage you to look further. This little neon sign is a light calling out, a beacon imploring its viewers to find solace, find power and protection within the library’s walls. It calls out to us to fortify our minds and seek truth in a world so full of misinformation because our safety and the safety of others depends on it. It’s a favorite of mine.

neon-wideview-laraBonnie Bastien
Brookline Library AIR Curator


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