Submit Your Library Stories

LIBRARYSTORIES-blankAs AIR Artist Liz Nofziger settles into her residency at The Public Library of Brookline, she is beginning her research by observing current uses of the space and delving into the recorded history of the Library. She is equally curious about the unwritten stories you may have that could inspire or inform interventions in the libraries  over the course of this artist residency.

  • Do you have a personal relationship to The Public Library of Brookline?
  • What is your favorite spot in The Public Library of Brookline (Main Branch, Coolidge Corner, or Putterham)?
  • Do you have a formative library story you are willing to share? A Brookline library experience if you have one, otherwise any library.
  • Do you know any library secrets?

Please submit your stories to Liz using the form below. Thank you!

* No stories or names will be made public without explicit permission from the submitter.