Library Story: Wash

I grew up in Belchertown Ma, near the Quabbin Reservoir. My street, Old Enfield Road ends in the water of the reservoir, and you can see the pavement trail off under the water. That’s because the town of Enfield Ma (along with 4 other towns) were demolished in the 1930s to build the Quabbin Reservoir (which … More Library Story: Wash

All Ages Workshop with Liz Nofziger

Join Liz Nofziger to infiltrate the Brookline Library with your own images and ideas! Tuesday, October 18th 3:30-4:30 Tuesday, November 1st 3:30 – 4:30 All Ages Welcome! Before the internet there were newspapers. Have you ever flipped through actual newsprint pages? Would you like to help infiltrate the reading rooms of the Brookline Library? Come … More All Ages Workshop with Liz Nofziger

Library Stories: Shame

    An older man once embarrassed me in front of a group of people when he announced I was a sculptor, asked what the monument outside was about and by whom, and then shamed me when I didn’t know. I still don’t.     — anonymous Sculpture, large print Fine Arts Reading Room Main Branch

incredible stories coming in…

I am honored as incredible library stories are coming in, primarily through the story submission form on this site, as well as via the Ruby Carrel in the Main Branch. Through these personal library story submissions, I’ve been privy to deep library crushes, revelations, embarrassments, secret drawings, and sonic explorations. I’ve learned of a beautiful … More incredible stories coming in…